PineRite Hand Soap
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  • PINERITE® Hand Soap is made from all natural ingredients, including pine needle powder.

  • PINERITE® Hand Soap is 100% manufactured in Colorado.

  • PINERITE® Hand Soap is endorsed by the Colorado Forest Products Commission.

  • PINERITE® Hand Soap has the cleaning properties of natural pine extracts and borax making it the most unique and effective hand soap ever produced for everything from normal daily use to the removal of heavy grease, dirt and grime.

  • PINERITE® Hand Soap contains lanolin which leaves hands smooth, revitalized and healed.

  • PINERITE® Hand Soap is completely safe to use in lakes, streams, fields and forests because it contains no phosphates of any kind.

  • PINERITE® Hand Soap 10 oz. jar = 200 washings for less than $7.00 per jar.

  • Item #: GPR-12

PINERITE HAND SOAP - 1 Case of 12 10-OZ Jars

Price: $69.00
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