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Patented in 1945, the “original” Lewis K310-SS Safety Knife has been selling worldwide for over half a century. This tool is what started us in the safety business.

This knife is an economical step up in safety over a typical standard utility knife that can be left with the blade exposed if the user forgets to retract it.

The handle is die cast zinc for durability and has a high luster chrome plated finish for long life and good feel. 

The proven ergonomic shape of the knife is comfortable for use in either the left or right hand. 

The spring loaded stainless steel safety hood always covers the blade when the knife is not in use, yet moves out of the way with pressure on the tip in order to start cutting. 

The trigger on the top of the hood allows the user to manually hold the hood open in order to see the path of the blade when cutting to exact tolerances. 

The knife comes standard with one blade in position and two spare blades inside the handle. 

The K310-HL belt holster is available so you can safely and conveniently carry the knife with you around the workplace. 

Lewis blades for the K310-SS are available in a 5 pack (B105HD) or the economical 100 pack (B10CHD).


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